Your Why Matters MORE Than What You Actually Do

When you start with why, anything is possible.

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My father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer when he was 49. It devastated me, but it also motivated me to search for answers to what could have contributed. When I discovered what we put in and on our bodies has a profound effect on our overall health, I radically changed my diet and began using cleaner products. And that drastically improved my quality of life.

What I learned from my father’s diagnoses and passing fueled me to share my knowledge of healthy living with others. While I can’t bring him back, what I can do is help others live healthier, happier lives so they can pursue the things that are most important to them. And that gives me a greater sense of purpose. This life is a precious gift. I’m a firm believer that those passions deep inside of us are there for a reason. YOU matter and so does your story.

So, for me, making a larger impact and helping women live life on their terms is my deeper why and it fuels everything I do.

Why Your Why Matters

Having a rock-solid why changes everything.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.—Simon Sinek

Understanding your why is the very first step to creating a success mindset. Without it, you have no compass leading you down a path of purpose. And not making decisions with purpose will affect your overall success.

Everything you do in your work, relationships and life should flow out of your why. You can make meaningful decisions more easily when you truly understand your purpose because there is typically one answer that aligns with your mission. People are also more likely to take action from messaging that connects to feelings rather than actions. Simon Sinek explains in this TED Talk this is actually because of biology and how the brain works. The part of the brain that controls decision making is called the limbic system. It’s responsible for feelings like trust and loyalty, Sinek says, and it’s the section of a person’s brain that your why will speak to.

Your why will also help you keep going when things get tough. Those who are simply driven by what they do are more likely to give up when they experience failure. Working toward a bigger goal will challenge you to find new ways to spread your message even if the first attempts don’t work the way you’d hoped.

Finding Your Why

Unfortunately, most people skip over the why and focus only on communicating what they do. I’m challenging you to think a little differently and to give your work meaning. Start with a strong why and you’ll be amazed at the response you receive from others who share your same beliefs. To find your why, think about why you feel called to do the work you’re doing. Is it to fulfill a purpose or need, to educate or make an impact? Ask yourself: What’s my deeper passion that sets my soul ablaze?

Pro Tip: I highly recommend checking out Simon Sinek’s book, “Find Your Why.” It’s an amazing guide that will help you uncover your personal why.

Can’t Get Enough?

Once you have developed a rock-solid why, use it to further develop an overall success mindset with these simple steps. You can also connect with me through this form or follow me on Instagram for even more inspiration on living out your why.

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