Testimonials & Client Success Stories

I began health coaching with April during a very stressful and chaotic time in my life where everything seemed out of control. Meeting with her regularly gave me new tools, helped me to feel more balanced overall, and encouraged me to stay focused on making the necessary changes I’d felt stuck with in my health.


I would recommend heath coaching with April to anyone that is in need of a kind, knowledgeable, and honest coach to assist you in achieving your personal health goals.

  – Veronica

I started working with April as my stress management coach during a difficult season in my life both personally and professionally.


She is warm and empathetic and was very encouraging to me. Our regular health coaching sessions were invaluable in helping me to feel more resilient, calm, and in control of my health and my life overall. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her! 

  – Cheryl

I’ve really enjoyed working with April!! 


She is compassionate and exceptional at what she does. Working together really helped me to refocus on my goals and get my health back on track! 

  – Sherry