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April Likins | Glow Inside & Out Freebie

If you’ve tried just about every skin care line out there that promises clear, youthful skin and are still dealing with the most common skincare woes, this one’s for you!

There’s a skin care secret you likely won’t hear at a beauty counter, and it’s that beautiful skin starts from within. Even the best products can only do so much when your body is screaming for attention, showing its inflammation through breakouts or excessive drying on your skin.

  • Could your diet be the culprit? 
  • Are you getting enough sleep? 
  • How much water does your body really need?

Find these answers and more in this FREE guide complete with 4 wellness tips for a youthful glow PLUS The Glowing Skin Checklist.


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April Likins

If we’ve not yet met, my name is April Likins and I’m an Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Duke Integrative Medicine trained holistic health coach, and wellness blogger. 

I’m passionate about helping busy women create sustainable long-term changes with their health so they can live happier lives, feel their best, experience more energy and joy, and glow inside and out!