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The Best CBD Oil Products to Add to Your Wellness Routine

From creams to tinctures to gummies, CBD products are popping up everywhere, so it can be difficult to know where to begin when searching for a high-quality product. If you follow the latest beauty trends, you may have seen that products infused with CBD oil are making a splash right now, yet there’s still some confusion surrounding it. CBD (short for cannabidiol) is derived directly from the hemp plant and while, yes, it is a component of marijuana (one of hundreds), it alone does not cause a “high" or psychoactive effects. The World Health Organization reports CBD has no effects
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Clean Beauty Products I’m Loving Lately

My journey to cleaner living started more than a decade ago when my father was diagnosed with an aggressive hormonally driven cancer. Ever since I’ve been mindful about what I put into my body and onto my skin, because this can directly influence our health and hormones. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite non-toxic beauty products that have become part of my daily routine. (I think you’ll love them too!) Beauty Products You'll Love Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller: Facial rollers are an easy self-care ritual for relaxing and improving circulation. Regular massaging can reduce puffiness and drain
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Practical Ways to Cultivate More Joy By Practicing Gratitude

Have you ever met someone who radiates joy? They are positive, happy and upbeat and seem to be truly enjoying and thankful for life. It’s hard not to pause and notice. It’s easy to assume they were just born with some rare personality trait you don’t have and that’s where their joy comes from. Or maybe they have more resources, more friends, a better job, a more loving spouse… an easier life? What if happiness, contentment and joy aren’t feelings based on our circumstances but are instead something we can cultivate from within? The reason why some live more joyfully
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Fall Always Feels a Little Bittersweet…

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I love the cool, crisp air and the spectacular array of colors that can be seen as the seasons gradually transition to the next. Watching the leaves slowly twirl and fall from the sky reminds me to stop and be more present in the moment. (Which is easier said than done when your mind is always thinking, thinking.) As much as I look forward to and love the fall, it also reminds me of a very painful season in my life, when my father was gradually dying from a long battle with cancer.
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8 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

You can't be everything to everyone... But it's easy to forget that in our fast-paced world. We're often pulled in so many directions, it's understandable to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Feeling that way on a regular basis, though, is harmful to our health and can lead to frequent headaches, premature aging, poor short-term memory and more. If you're feeling stressed and easily overwhelmed, turn to these eight ways to reduce anxiety naturally. 1. Slow Your Breathing According to Dr. Libby Weaver, there is a part of our nervous system that's dedicated to making us feel calm and peaceful. And the
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Mindfulness | Glow Be Lovely
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Why Mindfulness Matters: How to Be More Present in Life

Ok so first things first. I’ll admit, I’m someone who is naturally a bit restless, so slowing down and being mindful and present in the moment is something I have to be intentional about. In today's world, we're far too overstimulated by visuals, sounds, smells, feelings, 24 hour news, technology... you name it! Studies have shown that we’re not necessarily busier than previous generations, we’re just continually bombarded with things coming at us and all that extra noise affects our health. This overstimulation creates restlessness, discontentment and chronic stress in the body – not to mention anxiety by trying to
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Benefits of Watermelon | Glow Be Lovely

The Amazing Benefits of Watermelon in Your Skin Care Routine

We've talked before about how eating nutrient-rich foods like watermelon can benefit the complexion, but did you know adding them to your skin care routine does too? Made up of about 92 percent water and packed with essential nutrients, there are many skin-loving benefits of watermelon when used in your daily beauty products. The Skin Benefits of Watermelon Reduces Dryness: The amino acid citrulline is naturally produced by the body and is an essential part of the skin's moisturizing system. It is also found in watermelon, so products infused with watermelon extract can help reduce dryness and add hydration. Evens Skin Tone: Vitamin A,
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Clean Eating | Glow Be Lovely
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How to Get Radiant Skin Through Clean Eating

Ever heard the saying, "when your body is hungry it wants nutrients, not calories?" Many think the purpose of food is to keep us full or worse... to keep us entertained. But really, the point of eating is to fuel and nourish our bodies. When you shift your mindset and start to focus on clean eating, it's amazing how the body and the skin will respond. What is Clean Eating? Clean eating is the practice of creating a diet filled with whole foods in their most natural state. Clean diets exclude processed foods (those that come in a box or
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Cayman Islands Travel Guide | Glow Be Lovely
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Cayman Islands Travel Guide (My Favorite Winter Getaway)

If you’re a vitamin sea lover like me, you need to add the Cayman Islands to your travel bucket list. I’ve travelled all over the Caribbean and there are many reasons why the Caymans continue to make the top of my travel list. This beachy destination is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, plus the Caymans are incredibly safe, family-friendly and they’re a paradise for foodies. Cayman Islands Travel Guide The Cayman Islands are famous for their amazing dive sites, exquisite cuisine and the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach. The primary language spoken is English and it’s easy to
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Toxic Chemicals to Avoid | Glow Be Lovely
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The All-to-Common Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Beauty Products

I've spent the last decade learning more about how what we put in and on our bodies can affect our overall health. What I've found is that far too many toxic chemicals are formulated into the beauty products we use daily. This has led me to make the switch to using cleaner products and I highly recommend you consider doing the same. Here's the dilemma: Unknowingly to most Americans, the FDA actually doesn't do much to regulate the beauty industry. Cosmetics companies do not have to conduct safety testing on their products and that leads to thousands of harmful ingredients
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